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5 Temples in India With Highest Number of Visitors

5 Temples in India With Highest Number of Visitors

It is a painstaking task to take the thousands of temples in India and shortlist a few of them. India is the land of temples. Many famous philosophers and scientists have written about its spiritual richness. All the temples have mythological stories associated with them. Therefore, I am going to list down nine temples in India that are visited the most by devotees.

* Shiv Khori, Jammu & Kashmir

This temple is not a building or structure but a cave. It is on top of a hill, and en route to the cave, there is a small river with a bridge over it. The climate is always serene, relaxed and calm. The entrance of the cave is huge, and as you proceed, the way becomes so narrow that you have to crawl literally.Remember to take in a guide with you because there are many interesting mythological stories related to the place and knowing that makes the trip worthwhile. There is a small shiv-lingam within, and water keeps dripping from the walls of the cave on top of the lingam. The water is believed to be of the sacred river Ganga, and on Shivratri, milk starts to drip naturally on the lingam instead of water. It is a must-visit temple.

* Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu & Kashmir

I visit Vaishno Devi Temple every year. It is a famous religious site for Hindus. Thousands of devotees come her every day. The temple is located in Katra which is a small city in Jammu.Just like in Shiv Khori, Vaishno Devi Temple is also a cave. Three rock structures or pindis are naturally carved out in the cave. These are believed to be the idols of three goddesses.Scriptures say that unless you visit the Bhairo Temple at the top of the hill, your prayers will not come true. So most people visit that temple also. Try to learn other stories associated with the place. It is better if you go in the winter because that is when most caves in the hill are open to the public. You can also go to the top in a helicopter which is available at the base. A lot of accommodations and facilities are always open downhill.

* Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Siddhivinayak Temple in the metropolitan city of Mumbai is a revered place for people belonging to all religions. This large temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh.The temple consists of a massive sized statue of the Lord. In the Hindu religion, Ganesh is said to prevent any impending doom. Thus, before starting a new venture or going for something important, people make sure to visit this temple as they believe that it brings good luck. Thousands of people come here every day, and it is very crowded on Tuesdays. It is common to spot Bollywood celebrities here.

* Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi is a small city in Madhya Pradesh. It is filled with small stupas or dome-like structures that consist relics of Buddha and his followers.These stupas were built by the great Emperor Ashoka as he was a devout follower of the Buddhist principles. Therefore, these structures also have a Mauryan touch in their architecture. Sanchi Stupa is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

* Golden Temple, Amritsar

The Golden Temple in Punjab is a Gurudwara or a religious place of the Sikhs. The entire Gurudwara is built of gold, and it is splendid to see. There is a beautiful pool or “Sarovar” with beautiful fish inside the compound of the temple.Sikhs believe in the ideology of courage, humanity and brotherhood. They try to resist the idea of division based on religion. As such, people of all faith, irrespective of anything, are allowed in the temple. Free langar or feast is given all day and night to anyone who comes there. People can also sleep in the Gurudwara if they wish to as there are accommodation nearby.

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