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5 Sings That Show Your Partner is Not Ready For Commitment

5 Sings That Show Your Partner is Not Ready For Commitment

When you exchanged vows on your wedding day, both you and your partner made a promise to love and support each other for life, no matter what. Vows could seem like plain words, but the actions required to fulfill those words make a lot of difference in a relationship.

You might have entered the marriage all prepared, to give your all physically and mentally to your partner. But if your partner is not able to fulfill their promise to be your all, then it could be devastating.Here are a few signs that may confirm your partner’s commitment issues.

* They are still not sure

Marriage is the epitome of commitment. But if your partner has commitment issues, then they will have reservations and doubts about the relationship. They give you mixed signals. For example, they shower you with unconditional love, and then may act like a total stranger. They rarely use the words ‘ I love you,’ and you may not feel like you are ‘the one’ in their life.

* Hesitates to connect with families

In a fully committed relationship, the partners would ideally be looking forward to spending time with each other’s families. But if your partner has commitment issues, they do not like spending time with your family. They might hesitate to interact or bond with them.

* They still have their shields up

When you truly love someone, you let your guard down with them. You have confidence that your partner would not judge you. But if your partner is cautious or walks on eggshells around you, then it could be because they are not committed to you.

* Future looks uncertain

You may have never really discussed the future with your partner. It could be because they never showed interest or they always avoided that topic. When do we have kids? Are we going to invest in a property together? There will be questions but no answers or even an acknowledgment from your partner.

* They have a wandering eye

A commitment-phobic person can never be content with you. If they believe that they have settled too early in life or have been pressurized into marrying you, then maybe they were not ready for this relationship in the first place. That also makes it difficult for them to dedicate their life to you. So they could always be checking out other people, even when they know it is not right.

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