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5 Reasons To Pray Every Day

Hi friends, prayer is always important for our lives. It doesn't matter which God you follow, but praying the God you believe is very important. Some people don't know the value of prayer and how effective is prayer. The strength of prayer is experienced by only few people in this world but prayer has a lot of effect on our lives, health and everything that we are living today. So let us read something about prayer and implement it in our lives.

5 Reasons To Pray Every Day
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When any difficulties occurs in life, prayer protects us and keeps us safe.

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If you want to change something in you, you can change is easily through prayer.

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Your will never prospers, but if you do the will of God, you will surely succeed.

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If you are close to God, nothing can harm you in your day to day lives.

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wow....i am impressed....i pray to god everyday...so that means i have all those points in me..if ur articles are correct...if you are not cheating me then reply the comment writing 'jinong' so that i can have faith in you...hahaha be happy author..this is something from me as ur follower...

8 Days ago


Pulwana attack ke baab bhi iss chutye bhagwan pai maantai ho?

3 Days ago


After my birth n since my self steem mind started to work on this is the very firs report that I had come across though I'm hard believer on God, but I do really think prayer is something it gives immense pleasure n relaxation which leads to peace n thts my personal experience...

7 Days ago

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