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5 Rare Natural Phenomena You Probably Didn’t Know Occur On Earth

1. Maelstroms

5 Rare Natural Phenomena You Probably Didn’t Know Occur On Earth
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You might have seen this phenomenon in the fantasy tales or in movies. In case, you found it tough to believe they really exist, you are definitely on the wrong page! Yes, these kinds of whirlpools are strong enough to suck in human beings, animals and even smaller boats deep inside the water.

2. Pororoca, Amazon River

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It’s the Amazon River that is flooded with numerous numbers of mysteries! Amongst all these, the never-ending waves or the pororoca is one. Measuring up to 4m and travelling at around 800kmph, these waves attract those surfers who always carve for adrenaline kicks.

3. The 'Salar De Uyuni' lake in Bolivia that turns into a mirror for the heavens up above.

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Clear reflection of the azure sky under your footsteps; doesn’t this sound exciting? Also known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’, Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia is one such salt desert that can make you believe, you are standing on a natural mirror!

4. Monochrome Rainbow

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These generally happen at sunrise or sunset. The shorter blue and green wavelengths are scattered out before they reach the water droplets, so to us it appears red. This is an unenhanced photo clicked in Minneapolis in July, 1980.

5. Forest of knifes, Madagascar

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Secluded from the rest of the world, Madagascar is truly a treasure trove! On a visit to this land of wonders, you will witness one of the crazy phenomenon; forest of knives. Yes, you heard right! Spreading around 666sqkm, this forest has rocky outgrowths in the form of knives and is a major attraction of Madagascar.

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