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5 Places To Visit Near Surat For Perfect Weekend

5 Places To Visit Near Surat For Perfect Weekend

Staying in a business hub like Surat can have its pros and cons, while at large the place is brilliant to expand your economic horizon, it can however keep one really busy. Thank god, there are weekends that can be great for all those business class peeps who hardly get a leisure time to spend. And by leisure time, I clearly mean to say an indelible vacation. Well, keeping your busy schedule into consideration, you don’t need to look out for a far destination which would require a week-long off; instead of that search for a weekend destination where you can take your family for that unforgettable holiday experience. Do you know that there are some really amazing weekend getaways from Surat where you can plan a trip to spend some quality time with your family? Having said that I urge you to take out time on a weekend from your occupied schedule for some happening encounters with your friends and family. And to make it a bit easy for you, I have compiled a list of some top weekend destinations from Surat that you would surely love to explore. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s get started.

* Ahmedabad

On the banks of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad along with being a commercial capital of Gujarat is a popular place of tourist interest. An apt weekend destination from Surat, Ahmedabad allows tourists to unwind themselves amidst the sublime architectural grandeur. Delineating the essence of the Gujarati culture, that is richly present in the air of the city, Ahmedabad is a place which can’t be missed if we are talking about the weekend getaways from Surat. From natural abundance and shopping destinations to beautiful gardens and marvellous architectures, Ahmedabad is surely a place with many sightseeing options.

* Bhavnagar

Enlaced with traditions and enriched with modern life, Bhavnagar is one such tourist destination that has numerous activities for tourists of every kind. Whether you are looking for some sacred site, natural beauty, cultural & historical attractions or a wildlife destination, Bhavnagar has everything in its fold that is enough to make you fall in love with this place. Apart from tourism, Bhavnagar is also an important trade and commerce centre of cotton goods in Gujarat. So, while indulging in shopping in Bhavnagar, you expect to see a lot of traditional cotton products.

* Saputara

A picturesque hill station in Gujarat perched atop the imposing Sahyadri Mountain Range, Saputara is known for spellbinding landscape and gorgeous gardens. This beautiful place in Gujarat derives its name from the snake deity which is worshipped by the locals. Besides, Saptura is also connected with Hindu mythology. One of them goes like that during the exile period, Lord Rama lived here for the longest period. While spending a weekend at Saputara, you get to savour the various hues of this enticing place; be it the adventurous ride at Pushpak Ropeway, boating at Saputara Lake, trekking through the dense forest, relishing the pristine beauty of waterfalls or taking a glance into the Saputara’s culture by visiting the artists’ village and tribal museum.

* Tithal Beach

A beach destination for all those looking for some fun-filled location to spend a day or two relaxing and chilling near Surat, is Tithal Beach. Lies on the coastline of Valsad, Tithal Beach is known for its black sand, and hence, catch the eye of the visitors. A day well-spent here gives you a lot of memories to cherish; from playing in the ocean water and satiating the natural instinct of building a sand castle to savouring the taste of traditional snacks and indulging in water sports activities, you’d be spoilt for choice at Tithal Beach.

* Daman

For more than 400 years, Daman was a significant part of the Portuguese empire in India along with Diu, Goa and Dadar and Nagar Haveli; the influence of which can still be observed here. However, presently, Daman is undoubtedly one of the major tourism destinations in India which is known for its action-packed beaches and gorgeous colonial forts and churches. Being a Portuguese colony, the city of Daman offers an enticing setting for that picture-perfect weekend destination from Surat. The blissful atmosphere of this place is something which can’t get to savour in the cacophony city life of Surat.

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