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5 Most Famous Fruits Of India

5 Most Famous Fruits Of India

India is second largest fruit producer in the world, There are large variety of fruits grown in different geographical zones in India.

Geographical Indications of India under Agricultural also includes Eathomozhy Tall Coconut,Himsagar Mango,Galgal fruit, Laxman Bhog Mango,Arunachal Orange, Navara Rice, Kangra Tea, Palakkadan Matta Rice, Coorg Green Cardamom, Mysore Malligae and Pokkali Rice.
* Nagpur Orange, Maharashtra

Nagpur Orange crop grows twice a year and harvested from the month of December. The city famous for variety of orange grown and has Geographical Indication under Agricultural.

* Nanjanagud Banana, Karnataka

Nanjanagud Banana grown in Mysore and Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka and famous for its unique taste and aroma, registered under geographical indicators.

* Allahabad Surkha Guava, Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad Surkha is a guava cultivated across the Allahabad and known for sweet and strongly flavor. The fruit is also known for its medical properties.

* Vazhakulam Pineapple, Kerala

Vazhakulam Pineapple has been registered as Geographical Indication under Agricultural-Horticultural Product category. The Vazhakulam Pineapple fruit has a pleasant aroma and good source of carotene and vitamins.

* Tezpur Litchi, Assam

Tezpur Litchi produced at Lichu Pukhuri in Tezpur town and at Porowa, accorded Geographical Indication along with ginger produced in the Singhasan Hill of Karbi.

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