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5 Most Beautiful Parrots in the World

Hi there, parrot is the one of the beautiful unique bird where some of the parrots talk some will decide the future now today lets talk about the beautiful parrots in the world.


They are very intelligent, beautiful, active and compact size and they are native south and central America. their life span is about 20-40 years and they feed on insects, fruits and some vegetable.

5 Most Beautiful Parrots in the World
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They are native to Australia, Indonesia. they are rarely kept as pet because they are more expensive. It has a crest that raises on immediately when excited or alerted. they also like to feed on insects and vegetables.

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Cockatiels are native to Australia and they prefer to live on open environments. they are good at whistling and can often taught to whistle tunes. their life span is about 20-30 years and likely to feed on insects and tomatoes.

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Meyers Parrot

They are native to inland areas of sub central and eastern Africa. they can learn few words and mimic some household sounds. It likes to eat fatty seeds and plenty of leafy vegetables, grapes and apples.

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Macaws are the king sized members of the parrot family,native to America. they have a curved beaks which helps them to crush nuts and seeds. they like to feed on different varieties of fruits and vegetables and likes to eat nuts.

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