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5 Morning Habits of Successful People

The Habits to be Followed for first 5 Minutes when you Wake up.

5 Morning Habits of Successful People
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  1. Silent - Be Silent and Don't do Anything ,no need to sit in position or meditate , Just Stay Silent, Relax Your Brain and feel free.
  2. Affirmation - Say to your self ,I'm Going be very happy today ,I'm going to Do something New and Start or Continue My Way to Success ,Say a Positive Message to Your self .
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3.Visualization - Imagine that what are you going to do on the day .

4.Exercise - No need to go to Gym or Doing Heavy work out ,Just Do some Basic Stretching Exercise, Because full night the body was in Tired state ,So You will feel lazy or Tired when you wake up and move, So do some basic exercise.

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5.Reading - Don't Read News paper it contains full of negativity and Don't Read articles it just contains information etc. Read a Book Contains Postivity which contains Achievemental Biography , Motivational Quotes or Positive Contents which makes you feel Good.

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When you're starting a race Winning or Loosing is next , Before Starting Have a Great start.

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Taken from the book "The miracle morning "

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