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5 Mind-blowing facts about Ramayana

1. Cobra Hood cave, Sri Lanka

Located in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka; this cave is tested and proven by Archaeologists to be hundred percent natural and also that its mysterious shape cannot be carved by human hands.

5 Mind-blowing facts about Ramayana
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Cobra Hood cave, Sri Lanka

Tradition states that, this is where Sita was held captive by the Asuras, and one can still see Cave paintings depicting the same in here. This cave is shaped like a “giant Cobra” and is referred to as Cobra Hood cave by the natives.

2. Foot Prints of Lord Hanuman

Huge foot prints of Lord Hanuman are seen on the stones of the temple Nuwara Eliya and several other temples in Sri Lanka. People come from across the globe to see these ancient footsteps of devotee Hanuman.

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4. Evidence from NASA

NASA shuttle has released an image of the mysterious ancient bridge that once existed between Indian and Sri Lanka. This is the most recently discovered bridge and is said to be, 30 km long. This bridge has been on news ever since forever and a matter of debate between many alien researchers.

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Man-made bridge ‘Ram Sethu’ between India and Sri Lanka.

The image released by NASA confirmed the presence of the bridge between the two countries and added to it, the bridge’s angled curvature and composition that has stood against the test of nature proves that it is indeed man-made.

Man-made bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

5. Sync between time history and ages.

Archaeological studies reveal that the first human inhabitation happened in Sri Lanka around 1,750,000 years ago and it’s been proved that the bridge’s age dates back to the same equivalent. To top it, the dates mentioned in the text of Valmiki matches with that of primitive age as well.

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