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5 Great Inventions Of All Time

Welcome to all of you to our Rocking India channel where you get inspiring & mind blowing photo post everyday. Today I have brought an interesting article about some famous first time in history. let me share this article with all of you here.

1. First artificial heart, 2015

5 Great Inventions Of All Time
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Do you know the first ever artificial heart was made in 2015 by Abiocor. It worked on rechargeable energy source & AbioCor has already tested it on 15 patients, but the company stopped developing the product.

2. First Tesla, 2008

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The first ever Tesla model, also known as the "Dark Star" was the first ever electric battery automobile produced by the Tesla Motors in the year of 2008.

3. First cell phone, 1973

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Invented by Martin Cooper in 1973, the phone weighed 1 kg, took 10 hours to charge & worked for half an hour. On the day that Martin invented the cellphone, he called a competitor company & told them that he was talking on his cell phone.

4. Sally Halterman, 1937

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Sally Halterman is the first ever woman in the USA to get her driving license to ride a motorcycle. She was rejected several times on the ground that she was very young but she stood to her grounds, passed the test several times & gained her license.

5. First McDonald's restaurant, 1948

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Our very favorite McDonald's first restaurant was opened in 1948. At first, Richard & Maurice McDonald sold barbecue food, but then they reopened the restaurant with potato chips, French fries, orange juice, hamburgers. Now what do you say about this article guys? Let me know your answers & opinion about this post in the comment box & share it with everyone whom you know.

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first phone was super.

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how on earth woman can be a great invention?? what type of wrong heading 8s this?? pathetic author.. and please don't call me friend.

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thuu howla

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