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5 Golden Tips Of Healthy Eating In Ramazan

The Spiritual Blessings Of Ramazan Are Manifold But When Done Right, The Holy Month Of Fasting Also Comes With Tangible Physical Benefits. Combining Healthy Food Choices With Fasting Resets Your Metabolism And Can Help You Shed A Few Pounds And Lower Your Cholesterol.

5 Golden Tips Of Healthy Eating In Ramazan
Here's How You Can Combine Fasting And Healthy Food Choices To Reset Your Metabolism And Shed Some Weight In Ramazan

1) Stagger Your Hydration

Dehydration Is The Toughest Part Of Fasting, Especially In Summer, But Loading Up On Water At Sehri Isn’t The Best Plan. Filling Your Stomach Like A Water Balloon Results In One Of Two Things - Throwing Up Or Multiple Visits To The Loo.

Stagger Your Hydration Through The Night To Keep Yourself Hydrated While You Fast During The Day

Start With Two Glasses Of Water At Iftar,And Follow With A Glass Every Hour Till Bedtime. By The Time You Sleep, You Will Have Had 6 Glasses Of Water. Aim For A Manageable Two Glasses At Sehri And You’ve Had 8 Glasses In The Day, Which Is Usually Sufficient.

2) Avoid Sugar, Like It's The Mother Of All Evils

We All Crave Something Sweet When We Open Our Rozas But Sugar Results In Highs And Lows That Leaves You With More Cravings And Thus Messes Up Your Metabolism. Sugar Gives You Empty Calories Without Nutritional Benefits And Is Key In Ramazan Over-Eating.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Low-Sugar Desserts Like Ras-Malai

Load Up On Fruit Before Letting Yourself Touch Any Mithai Or Chocolate. Use Grapes In Your Fruit Chaat For Sweetness And Stay Away From The Sugar Jar. Switch Your Gulab Jamun For Ras Malai, Which Has More Milk And Less Sugar.

3) Have All Things In Moderation

If You Really Must Have Parathas And Pakoras, Limit Them To A Once-A-Week Treat Rather Than A Daily Indulgence. Instead Of Pakoras At Iftar, Try A Healthy Channa Chaat With Loads Of Veggies And Spices Or Dahi Vaday Which Are Much Less Oily. Try Baked Samosas Instead Of Fried Ones Or Little Grilled Chicken Shashliks Instead Of Pakoras.

Make Your Pakora As Healthy As Possible Or Swap With Other Favourites

Accompany Your Dates With One Snack Item At Iftar And Then Eat A Simple Evening Meal, With One Meat Dish And One Vegetable Dish Or Salad Accompanied By Rice Or Roti.

4) Befriend Fibre

With Mealtimes Askew And Without That Morning Hit Of Caffeine, Constipation Becomes A Major Issue For Many - With Attendant Gas Making Things Even Worse.

Fruits Are Your Fibrous Friends

Add Fibre To Your Diet To Keep Your Gut Moving. Fresh Fruit And Veggies Are Ideal, Especially Pears, But Sprinkle Wheat-Bran On Your Cereal Or Eat A Couple Of Dried Prunes Every Night To Up Your Fibre Intake.

5) Save The Oil For Your Hair

Good Fats In Moderation Are An Essential Part Of A Balanced Diet But We Tend To Have Too Much Oil In Our Diets As A Nation. Those Super-Sized Cans Of Oil That Fill The Advertising Slots Every Ramazan? All They Do Is Fill The Brands' Coffers And Our Hips And Arteries!

Easy On The Oil There

Decant Your Oil Into Small Bottles And Keep An Eye On How Much You Use. Save Fried Food For Special Occasions And Bake Or Grill Your Food When You Can.

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