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5 Facts About Lions That "The Lion King" Gets Right And 7 It Gets Wrong

It should actually be The Lion Queen.

Right: lion prides claim ownership over a specific territory on which they live and hunt.

Wrong: lion prides aren't patriarchal – they're matriarchal!

Wrong: mothers – not fathers – teach their cubs how to hunt.

Wrong: newborn cubs aren't presented to the pride.

5 Facts About Lions That

Right: Simba leaves the pride he was born into.

Wrong: adult lions never return to their birth prides.

Wrong: Simba and Nala would never mate.

Wrong: lions don't mate for life.

Right(ish): related lions form partnerships to help them secure and maintain spots as breeding males in a pride.

Right (in the remake): Scar wouldn't have a dark mane.

Right: lions and hyenas are enemies.

Wrong: lions can't survive and thrive on a bug diet.

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