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5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Home Spacious

5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Home Spacious

Lots of stuff, too little space: this is, unfortunately, a problem that almost every household comes up against at some point. There’s nowhere to store spices in the kitchen; shampoo bottles are falling off the shelves in the bathroom, and your wardrobe creaks from the weight of clothing you’ve stuffed in there. But for every problem there is always a solution – you just need to think creatively. Here are 5 superb ideas for freeing up space in your house or apartment.

* Incorporate plenty drawers under your bed. The headboard can also be used to store books and other items. All these will provide much needed additional storage space.

* Another storage option is to place a pole between bits of furniture where you can hang the things you wear most often. These can be clothes, shoes, accessories, anything. Pull out options for one week use. Put rest of the items in the cupboard. Believe us, life will be a hell lot easier if you can ‘see’ your clothes of the week hanging in front of you!

* Or you could try something really creative: a bed, work space and wardrobe all-in-one combo. But in order to replicate this super innovative idea, first you need a very efficient carpenter, who’s going to take the measurements of your room and plan the total combo accordingly.

* There is an unused corner between the cupboard and the window? Just use that for your shoes and make an awesome shoe storage. You’d be really surprised at how much space you can save by putting up shelves for shoes in a V-shape rather than straight.

* You can also store shoes in special plastic tubes to avoid piling them up in a messy heap. Use the back of any door or an unused wall to put up these pipes.

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