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5 Cooking Tricks To Check What Food You Are Eating

1. Choose fresh & pastured eggs:

5 Cooking Tricks To Check What Food You Are Eating
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Let me explain this to you friends. A simple test can be done with a glass of water to help you check the freshness of your eggs. Put an egg into a glass of water & see what happens. If the egg sinks & lies on its side, it’s fresh & good to eat; if it sinks but stands at an angle, it’s about 1-2 weeks old; & if the egg is floating on the surface of the water, it’s too old to be eaten.

2.Grocery store egg & farm fresh egg:

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The difference between farm-fresh pastured eggs & conventional eggs from a grocery store. Pay attention to the color of yolks. A pastured egg has a darker yolk of saturated color, while a conventional egg yolk is pale.

3. Do the sound test on your chocolate bar:

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To check the cocoa butter content in your chocolate bar, snap it off & listen to the sound. The chocolate bar with high cocoa butter content will produce a loud “click” sound, while the bar with lower cocoa butter content will make a soft, dull sound.

4. Throw away cracked watermelons:

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This one is very easy trick. If you cut open a watermelon & see cracks on its surface, it’s better to throw it away. These cracks may be caused by the chemicals some farmers use to make watermelons grow larger. When ingested, these chemicals may cause serious health problems.

5. Pick a good avocado:

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Peel off the stem of the avocado. If it comes off easily & there’s green underneath, the avocado is good & ripe. If there’s brown under the stem, the avocado is overripe & you will probably see dark spots around the pit when you open it. If the stem doesn’t come off, the fruit is not ripe enough to be eaten yet.

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