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5 Bollywood Celebrities whose Previous Jobs may Shock you

Success or fame cannot be reached in a single day. One has to work hard and keep on trying to achieve their dreams. Most of the people are fans for many Indian actors and actresses but their path to success is not very smooth as we think. Here is the list of 5 famous Bollywood celebrities whose previous jobs may shock you:

1. Ranveer Singh:

5 Bollywood Celebrities whose Previous Jobs may Shock you
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Ranveer’s dream was to become an actor. After his degree, Ranveer worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies. He then attended many auditions to become an actor but he did not get the expected roles and opportunities. After lot of attempts and hard work, he turned into a famous and successful Bollywood actor.

2. Jacqueline Fernandez:

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Jacqueline worked as a TV reporter in Sri Lanka after her graduation. At that time, she accepted the offers that came from modelling industry which finally led her to the movie industry.

3. Rajinikanth:

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Today almost all the Indians know Rajinikanth as a Tamil megastar. Now Rajinikanth may be the one of the highest earning actors in Asia but before his entry as an actor, he worked as a bus conductor in Bangalore Transport Service. Superstar Rajinikanth has many fans for his unique style and acting.

4. Sunny Leone:

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Sunny’s previous job is not about her days as an adult star but before that, she worked at a German bakery and also at a tax and retirement firm.

5. Akshay Kumar:

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Akshay Kumar worked as a waiter and a chef at one hotel in Bangkok before starting his career in Bollywood industry. He first entered into modelling at Mumbai which then led him to become an actor after many struggles.

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ALL this People have something in common:- They did lot of strrugle and they forget their past to have their Future Better. So, don't loose HOPE just keep PUSHING..........till you get there......!!!!!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

1 Years ago


Ranbir singh is legendary actor in the Bollywood as he did lot of struggle in his life.

1 Years ago


rajnikanth really has own style of actong

1 Years ago

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