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5 Billionaries from 5 Countries

Top 5 billionaire from 5 countries with their Net-Worth and their companies that make them a Billion-Dollar Person on the Earth.Most of them are from USA

5. Mark Zuckerberg (United-States)

Co-Founder of Facebook and CEO with Net-Worth of $66.6 billion. He invent Facebook on 2004 and a college dropout from Harvard. Facebook have more than 2.5 billion active-user.Current age is 34. In 2007 at age of 23 he become first youngest billionaire

5 Billionaries from 5 Countries
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4.Bernard Arnault (French)

Owner and CEO of LVMH with Net-Worth of $94.6 billion. He is non-american and Richest person in Europe.Current age is 70.World's largest luxury-goods company.He is also an Investor and Art Collector

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3.Warren Buffet (United States)

He is an most successful Investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Started his career at age of 11 by buy the stock of cities-services. His Net-Worth is 89.9 billion.At age of 14 he pay first tax return.One share of Berkshire Hathaway is more than $3,70,000

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2. Bill Gates (United States)

  1. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft Corporation with Net-Worth of $100 billion.He is also an Investor,Programmer,Author,Humanitarian.He is also College DropOut from Harvard
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  1. Jeff Bezos (United States)

Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon.com in 1994 and his current Net-Worth is more than 160 billion.He is also an Investor.He surpass the Bill Gates in November 2017 by wealth at first reaching $100 billion valuation.

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