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5 Best places to visit Northeast India.

  1. Tawang Monastery:
5 Best places to visit Northeast India.
Tawang Monastery

Tawang Manastery is situated at a height of 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh, the Tawang Monastery gives a breathtaking view of the valley. Home to 450 monks, this is the perfect place to visit for surreal experience. You can also sit and just admire the captivating view of the Tawand River in the evening.

Best time to visit: It is best to visit this valley from April to October.

Famous for: It is famous for its celestial beauty in the night and should plan to visit it on the night of a full moon. It has around 850 sculptures to admire.

2. Nath La Pass:

Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass is located in East Sikkim. The name of the pass translates to "Listening Ears". The trek on the Nathu La Pass is one of the major highlights of the Northeast Tourism as it gives an invigorating feeling to traveler who experiences it. During the trek you are treated to the views that remain ingrained in your memory for a lifetime and you get to spot some beautiful lakes on the way.

Best time to visit: You should plan your visit during the summers, when the temperatures are at a best bearable 15 degrees. In the winters it falls down to -25 degrees.

3. Siang River for river rafting:

Siang River

A tributary of the Brahmaputra River, it has inherited its ferocity from its mothers as well. It serves as a home to the Adi Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. River rafting in the Siang River is a major attraction. It is certainly one adventure that you should undertake with your friends. The thrill of the Grade-III and Grade-IV rivers make it worthy.

Best time to visit: The best time is during late October and early November when the tides are not too violent.

4. Dawki:


If you do not know the trainparent Dawki river in Meghalaya, chances are you have living under a rock. Dawki is a town in the West Jaintia Hilla of Meghalaya popularity known for the beauteous lake. Umngot River in Dawki is one of the cleanest rivers in the world that you can see the bottom. Taking a boat ride on the Umngot River is one of the things you must do in Dawki. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Northeast India.

Best Time to visit: Winter.

5. Nuranang Falls:

Nuranang Falls

Nuranang Falls is also known as Bong Bong Falls, these are 100 meters in height. serenity of this place enjoyed with someone by your side. So if you are planning a romantic trip to the Northeast, make sure you add to your itinerary. The falls are renowned for giving a feeling of serendipity to any couple that heads there.

Activities you can undertake here: Head to foot of the falls to enjoy it best. Check out the lakes and the connect bridges when you're there.

So don't miss out on one of the most charming places to visit Northeast India.

In this article Only 5 best places posted today. Another 10 most beautiful places of Northeast will be posted tomorrow.

Thanks for the scroll. Enjoy!

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