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4 Most Unusual Water fountains in the World

Hi there, welcome everyone to my uc blog. everyone might have seen the water fountains but have you ever see the most unique and unusual water fountains that will make you amazing.

  1. In Spain, there is a baroque style fountain at the foot of the Spanish steps in Rome's Piazza di Spagna, this fountain is made with steel the water coming from out of the steel will looks like a boat.
4 Most Unusual Water fountains in the World
Boat Fountain

2. In south Korea there is a bridge which is connected a water fountain nearly up to 3000 meters and during at nights many people visits to see such amazing fountain.

Banpo Bridge fountain

3. In Saudi Arabia at Jeddah there is a fountain which nearly have range 1000 feet and it have a speed of water nearly 200 miles per hour. no one dares to go near to it.

king fahad fountain

4. In some of the countries like Switzerland, Spain, America there are some floating tap mountains which is connected to a tube where the tube in flows the water etc.

Floating tap mountains

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