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4 Facts about the real Gully Boys Of Mumbai

4 Facts about the real Gully Boys Of Mumbai
4 Facts about the real Gully Boys Of Mumbai

Everyone in the nation is going crazy to the dope trailer of Gully Boy which dropped recently. Directed by the Zoya Akhtar the film is based on the life of actual gully (street) boys i.e. underground rappers from Mumbai.

Fresh from a giving blockbuster with Rohit Shetty's Simmba, Ranveer disappears completely in this 2-minute long trailer emerging as a rapper, who just wants his voice to be heard. People already know the movie is inspired by the slums-to-riches journey of gully rappers Divine and Naezy but hardly anyone knows the real them!

So here are 5 Facts you should know about the real Gully Boys of Mumbai -

Making Desi Rap Mainstream - Rap is a genre originated as a form of dissent and rebellion against social discrimination. In the Indian scenario, however, the genre's substance was degraded to rap about 'girls', 'gold', and 'gibberish'. But Naezy and Divine together and individually, redefined Indian rap and hip-hop, dragging it out of the cliches around cars, girls and alcohol, to the real stories of the streets, dipped in politics and poverty.

Shot To Fame - Vivian Fernandez aka Divine gained popularity when back in 2013 he released his first music video, "Yeh Mera Bombay". The video was watched, shared and loved by a few million. It also got him a special mention in BBC Asian Network's list of ‘Top 10 artists to watch out for'. Naezy, on the other hand, shot to fame in 2014 when he unleashed his musical wrath in his song "Aafat" which was shot on a zero-budget iPad and has gained more than 3 million views till now.

Tough Beginnings - Divine is a resident of JB Nagar who had a tough childhood with an abusive father who abandoned them due to which his mother moved to the Gulf to feed the family. Divine got hooked to the music created by Eminem and 50 Cent when a friend once gave him a CD. Naezy, on the other hand, began his rapping journey at the age of 13 after being inspired by Sean Paul's Temperature he heard during a DJ event in his Kurla chawl. After the release of his song Aafat, he became the subject of a documentary Bombay 70, and he landed himself a deal with Only Much Louder, which is one of India's most prominent alternative culture promoter and management agencies.

Getting Their Dues - Mainstream success finally knocked on their doors in 2015 when social media blew up following his collab with Naezy for a track they composed together called 'Mere Gully Mein'. The song based on the daily grind of people living in the gullies(lanes) received much love from the fans. The song was followed by many singles from both the rappers like Divine's Jungli Sher, Farak and Neazy's Asal Hustle and Aazad Hu Mai.

The new-age desi rappers talk about corruption, lackadaisical governments, police brutality, family apathy, militancy and any issue that pushes them to speak out and with a film like Gully Boy we have the desi rapper subculture becoming one with the mainstream.

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