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4 Aesthetic Mehndi Designs for Wedding Events

Keeping henna paste in hands gives lot of health benefits to our skin and body. Henna designs are drawn as a part of our tradition during festivals, weddings and other special events. People usually buy mehndi cones from shops and draw designs in their skin. It is good to use homemade henna paste for applying mehndi patterns. Here are 4 simple and beautiful mehndi designs that you can try to style your hands on wedding events:

Design 1:

4 Aesthetic Mehndi Designs for Wedding Events
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Women wearing stylish outfits can prefer this mehndi design. Brides can also try this cute design for reception event. The design will give modern as well as traditional style for back hands.

Design 2:

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This mehndi design looks traditional and complete. The patterns in the above design are simple and artistic. Try this design for wedding ceremony in both the hands.

Design 3:

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The above mehndi design is very apt for reception events. You can use glitters in between the henna pattern to get attractive look.

Design 4:

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Some people are not experts in drawing mehndi patterns. They can try simple and neat mehndi design as shown in the above image. The floral design looks very pretty and traditional for back hands.

Friends, hope this content about mehndi designs will be useful for you. Post your favorite pattern in the comments section. Don’t forget to give a like as well as share this article to others.

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