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3 WWE Superstars that could retire soon and 2 retired Superstars that won’t return again

Career priorities, injuries, and health could force these wrestlers to retire from WWE

3 WWE Superstars that could retire soon and 2 retired Superstars that won’t return again
Let's find out about WWE Superstars could retire soon and those who won't return again

WWE Superstars are one of the hardest workers in the world. Some Superstars wrestle for over 300 days in a year, while others, mostly part-timers, wrestle less for than 5 percent (10 days) of this number.

They don’t work as hard as some wrestlers do but still make a good income. Although we shouldn’t forget that most of these Superstars were also full-timers and because of their popularity and age, WWE is paying them in millions for a few dates. But as time goes, they get older and older, which means, one day they will have to retire too.

This year, Kurt Angle left us in tears at WrestleMania 35 when he lost his final match to Baron Corbin and retired from in-ring competition. 

In this article, we will look at 3 WWE Superstars who could retire soon and 2 that wouldn’t return for another match.

#5 Could retire soon: John Cena

John Cena as The Doctor of Thuganomics

John Cena is no longer an active WWE Superstar and was last seen at WrestleMania 35, where he interrupted Elias’ musical performance as the Doctor of Thunganomics. Since then, Cena hasn’t returned to WWE but with SummerSlam around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising if Cena returns to the ring again, for a one-off appearance.

He is already an established Hollywood actor and because of it, he can no longer concentrate on his WWE career. Not to mention, Hollywood actors are also one of the busiest people in the world and even if Cena manages to spend some time in the ring, his contract with the film production may not allow him to wrestle. If he gets injured in the ring then it will cost millions of dollars to the producers and they wouldn’t let it happen.

Since wrestling is all about taking risks, whether a Superstar performs dangerous maneuvers or not, there’s always a chance of getting injured. The 16-time World Champion has already said that WWE doesn’t need him anymore and it could be why he may consider retiring soon.

#4 Won’t return again: Sting

Will The Icon return?

Some time ago, WWE posted an image on their Twitter, which raised many questions. The picture showed The Undertaker and Sting in the ring with the caption “Imagine…" Fans thought that WWE was considering this match for one of their upcoming pay-per-views but is it really possible for Sting to return to the ring?

He got injured by Seth Rollins in 2015, which ended his career right away. Does he have enough strength to fight in the ring without damaging his body? While I can’t say anything clearly, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer believes Sting can’t return.

"He’s got Spinal stenosis, a bad neck, he’s 60 years old, it’s not worth the risk for them to put him in the ring.”

Although Sting has said he can return to face The Undertaker, it’s highly likely that WWE wouldn’t allow him to wrestle again because if he gets injured, WWE would get surrounded with controversies (for allowing a 60-year old Superstar with a bad neck to wrestle). And Meltzer believes the same.

“I was told they would not clear him. I’ve been told that many times."

#3 Could retire soon: Triple H 

The Game has got some tough duties to fulfill

While it’s almost confirmed that Triple H wouldn’t retire before passing the torch to quite a few Superstars, it’s true that he would have to retire soon. The Game has a clear goal: to expand WWE's global reach. He has already done a great job executing a lot of great ideas but still has a ton of things left to do. 

Triple H is probably the busiest person in WWE as he travels a lot more than full-time performers. Not only is he the mastermind behind NXT, but he is also responsible for revolutionizing the business by signing Superstars from different countries. He has been working as a wrestler since 1995 and it’s clear that he would now want to focus less on his in-ring career and more on his backstage work. Triple H retired his friend Batista at this year’s WrestleMania and it wouldn’t be shocking if he, too, decides to retire soon.

#2 Won’t return again: Goldberg

Goldberg fought in what seems like his final match at Super ShowDown

Goldberg returned to the ring 2 years after losing to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 and faced The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. WWE hyped this match for this blockbuster pay-per-view but the match ended up disappointing a lot of fans, who thought these two legends would do something memorable. While nobody would forget the dream encounter between these two Superstars, WWE, on the other hand, would want us to forget it because it has left a negative mark on their show. 

After Super ShowDown, Goldberg hinted that he could still wrestle another match despite what happened in Saudi Arabia. While it’s true that Goldberg struggled in the ring in Jeddah, it’s also true that he is still the old WCW Legend the fans love (and hate). But will WWE allow him to have another match? We clearly saw how he botched the Jackhammer at Super ShowDown, which could have seriously hurt The Undertaker. The former Universal Champion has already made enough to live peacefully and it is a strong reason why he may not wrestle again.

#1 Could retire soon: The Undertaker 

The Undertaker will team up with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules

We have heard it many times; The Undertaker is retiring from wrestling, right? But it never happened. Whenever we thought ‘Taker was gone, Vince McMahon would bring him to the ring and prove us wrong. It happened when Brock Lesnar broke ‘The Streak’ and when Roman Reigns defeated him at WrestleMania 33. In both instances, The Deadman returned after some time for another match. 

The fans love seeing him in the ring but since ‘Taker couldn’t perform at his best anymore, it’s better for him to retire. His recent match with Goldberg at Super ShowDown was one of the worst matches of his career and reportedly, it’s why he has returned to WWE yet again. He wants us to forget about this incident by providing a decent match, which will happen soon. 

The Undertaker is on the verge of retirement and everyone knows it. He is still collecting cheques from Vince McMahon but some time later, the time will come when ‘Taker would have to untie his boots. We can’t (really) predict when he would retire because he has proved us wrong many times in the past. But my estimation would be that The Undertaker would retire at next year’s ‘Mania or after wrestling one or two more matches in Saudi Arabia.

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