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3 Injured in shooting at US Naval base in Hawaii's Pearl Harbour

3 Injured in shooting at US Naval base in Hawaii's Pearl Harbour

Los Angeles: At least three people were injured, two of them critically, when a gunman opened fire at the Pearl Harbour Naval Shipyard in Hawaii before taking his own life, local news reports said Wednesday.

A spokesman for the US base would only say that security forces had responded to reports of a shooting at around 2:30 pm local time and that the base was on lockdown for several hours.

One witness told local media he was sitting at his computer when he heard shots fired and rushed to the window where he saw three victims on the ground.

The witness, who did not want to be identified, said he then saw the gunman who was wearing what appeared to be a navy or sailor's uniform shoot himself in the head.

Hawaii News Now said civilians were among the gunshot victims.

The shooting reportedly took place near the south entrance of the sprawling base located on the southern shore of Oahu.

The base hosts both the Navy and Air Force.

The shooting on Wednesday took place three days before the 78th anniversary of the 1941 Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbour that left 2,403 US service members dead.

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