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3 Historic Photos Full of Mystery that Are Still the Subject of Debate

Almost everyone has heard about time travel, UFOs, encounters with alien civilizations or the appearance of ghosts. In addition, some claim that they have seen all these phenomena with their own eyes, and have even contributed relevant photos as evidence. In this article we select the most mysterious and contradictory images, to which we try to find a reasonable explanation.

We found 3 images that have been the subject of frenzied debates for decades and decades. In the end a bonus awaits you: the truth behind a GPS navigator in a cowboy movie of the 1940s.

.1 Hipster in the 1940s

3 Historic Photos Full of Mystery that Are Still the Subject of Debate
Third party image reference

The Canadian museum Bralorne Pioneer Museum kept for a long time a unique photograph that became almost the most popular in the world after being exhibited in a virtual exhibition in 2010. The image dates from 1941, and portrays the moment of the opening of a bridge that was built to replace another that was in ruins due to a flood.

Among the people highlights the figure of a young man. The boy looks clearly different to the other subjects due to his appearance. The authenticity of this photo is beyond doubt. The unusual frames of his glasses and the patterned sweater led readers to believe that this man came from the future. However, historians claim that this type of accessories and garments were used by climbers even in the 1930s. So, most likely, this young man practiced mountaineering, and was not really a time traveler.

2. The mobile phone of a worker in 1943

Third party image reference

This 1943 photo was shared by British video editor Stuart Humphryes, who is engaged in coloring old black and white images. This shows ordinary workers who, after their workday, rest on the beach. In the center of the frame you can see a man holding between his hands a peculiar object, which looks carefully.

Subscribers of Humphryes suggested that the position of the hands and the fixed look resembled the current behavior of a mobile phone owner. Those who oppose this theory, like Stuart himself, came to the conclusion that this man could be very entertaining by putting together a cigarette.

3. Battle of Los Angeles

Third party image reference

The battle of Los Angeles was the name given to the incident that occurred on the night of February 24 to 25, 1942. That day, in Los Angeles, alarms warning of an air attack began to sound, and the military opened fire . Three months earlier, the United States had entered the Second World War. The Americans were convinced that Japan had attacked them in response. However, after what happened, the government labeled this event a "false alarm".

Most people perceived the event with skepticism, thinking that the authorities had hidden the truth. The media also stoked public interest. The newspapers published an image similar to a UFO, which was recognized as authentic. But later it was confirmed that the photo showed a simple meteorological balloon pointed by reflectors, thus creating the impression of being an alien ship levitating through the sky. This was the official version of the United States government in 1949.

Source:- The LA Times, CNN News Network, The Huffington Post

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