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23-year-old beautiful girl married 65-year-old man, the reason is too shocking

Marriage is the bond of humble hearts, and it tends to be tender only when the thoughts of both are identical and the likeness of the idea depends mostly on the age. But if there is a difference in both age, it becomes difficult to get married. Today we have brought a case for you, in which a 23 year old beautiful girl married the elderly of her grandfather's age.

23-year-old beautiful girl married 65-year-old man, the reason is too shocking
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Know the whole case

These days some pictures are becoming viral with an audio clip on the social media, in which 65-year-old veterans are seen going around with a young girl. On checking the pictures, it is revealed that this case is from Punjab, where Auriya is seen playing a ritual with a 23-year-old girl residing in Singur, a resident of Longowal. On seeing the documents, it is known that the birth date of the girl is August 1, 1995 and the date of birth of the same old age is 8 September 1952.

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The reason is too shocking

It is clear from the viral audio clip that both of them have been married with mutual consent. The girl's name is being named as Jagir Kaur and she belongs to a poor family. The wife of the elderly has already gone to heaven a long time ago and she is the owner of a big property. As a condition, he did not take any money in the dowry and for this reason a young girl was married to whom.

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Do you think the decision to marry a young girl is correct, will she be able to keep her beautiful bride happy.

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a single ejaculation will kill him🤣

7 Months ago


she just wants to get money not for Mmarriage

7 Months ago

Saif Saif953

majburi ......or zarurath !!

6 Months ago

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