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2020 Maruti Vitara Brezza Gets 3 Versions - Arena, Nexa, and Toyota

2020 Maruti Vitara Brezza Gets 3 Versions - Arena, Nexa, and Toyota

Snapshot: Maruti Suzuki revamps selling strategy by offering all new products on the premium Nexa and regular Arena dealerships. The 2020 Vitara Brezza is the first one.

The automobile manufacturers across India are searching for innovative ways to reduce the lead time and cut down on the production cum development costs. Maruti Suzuki is revamping its selling strategy by offering the Maruti Vitara Brezza for sale on all the three dealership platforms, the regular Arena, the Nexa premium, and Toyota partnership.

The Suzuki and Toyota partnership focuses on developing new cars while reducing the turnaround time and the costs at the same time. This move has a double effect as it introduces new vehicles to its customers at regular intervals and caters to the demands of the clients. As well.

Designing a product takes a lot of time with significant investment in R&D and brainstorming, but the relevancy does not last long. The entire automobile sector is facing this issue today. plans to launch at least one product every year with two versions.

This initiative helps the companies to keep up with the latest technologies brought to the table by rivals. The XL6 example was the first one after the debut of the 2nd-generation Maruti Ertiga in 2018. The re-badged version under the Toyota-Suzuki partnership on sale since 2019 is also a good example.

The revamped strategy will start functioning with the . The next-gen vehicles are due in 2021, and Maruti plans to use both the Nexa Premium and Arena dealerships to market the compact SUV. The Nexa version could have premium features.

Releasing a new variant is economical for auto manufacturers as it costs around Rs 250 crores as compared to launching a new model that could incur an expenditure of Rs 1,000 crores.

The revamped Maruti strategy will not include vehicles smaller than the . The Vitara Brezza production will be at Toyota’s plant in Karnataka, whereas the Toyota-badged SUV will get an introduction very soon.

If reports are accurate, one can see the offered for sale from the Arena, Nexa, and Toyota dealership outlets very soon.

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