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20 Small Things That Mean He Says'I Love You'

Hello friends welcome to my channel Law Media, today i will go to tell about 20 Small Things That Mean He Says'I Love You'.

20 Small Things That Mean He Says'I Love You'
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There is not just one way to say "I love you". Here are just 20 of the several ways that he declares his love for you. This several ways are :-

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  1. This song reminds me of you.
  2. Call me when you reach.
  3. I did not watch the season finale. We will watch it together.
  4. I've done the dishes.
  5. Let's go watch that rom.com.
  6. I've got this. You sleep.
  7. I ordered food from your favorite restaurant.
  8. You know how to make me laugh.
  9. Let's go shopping.
  10. I bought you sanitary napkins.
  11. I am sorry. I was wrong.
  12. You look lovely. Let's take a picture.
  13. I just called to hear your voice.
  14. Did you take your medicine.
  15. I wish you were here.
  16. What's bothering you? Speak to me.
  17. Take the remote.
  18. I will give you a back rub.
  19. You are beautiful.
  20. I miss you.
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yes i tel each and every sentence from here to my husband but he nevr does he hurts me with abusive language hits me hard i love him very much thts y couldnt take any action

5 Months ago


very good idea... Waiting for more good content. Carry on

6 Months ago


I love you ALL PEOPLE

4 Months ago

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