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20 Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

20 Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know
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  • Research has found that good relationships are more important to a long life than exercise.
  • People who view TV crime shows consistently overestimate the frequency of crime in the real world.
  • When you remember a past event, you are remembering the last time you remembered it.
  • A hug longer than twenty seconds will release chemicals into your body that make you trust the person you’re hugging.
  •  If you are thinking too much about someone then it is guarantee that person is thinking about you too.
  •  Psychology says that as much as you hide your filling, the love will grow as much.
  • After breakup, men suffer more than women.
  • Smart people, those who are intelligent, lowered themselves, while others consider them to be strong and superior.
  • 90% of what we think directly affects our mood. One wrong idea can spoil the mood.
  • In the play list of everyone's songs, there is definitely some song that he never hears, but he never deleted this song.
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  • People who give good advice, usually themselves suffer a lot of problems.
  • The information of human brain travels at the speed of 418 kilometers per hour in the body, which is faster than the world's fastest car "F1"
  • To fall in love and addiction to cocaine is both equal.
  • If a person is sleeping in front of you and is snoring, then you understand that the person is not seeing the dream at that time.
  • Any person forgets 90% of his dream within 10 minutes of waking up from sleep.
  •  People who get annoyed with small things are more caring than others.
  • You always have a person in your life whom you can smile in any situation. You can also smile at the worst of the situation .
  • According to research, if you are smiling, you look 70 percent more attractive than make-up.
  • Women's heart is considered very strong. It is smaller than the heart of men. The average weight of women's heart is 118 grams, while the weight of men's heart is 60 grams more. The woman's heart beats faster than the male.
  • Normal male height is 4-5 inches higher than female.
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Splendid...helps me know myself more..thanks

4 Months ago


mass of heart is about 300 to 360 gm for both the sexes

4 Months ago


5th one.......I don't thinks...it's true

4 Months ago

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