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18 Signs That Prove You Are Becoming a Better Person Every Day!

There are many things in our lives that over the years become challenging. It is therefore important that we learn to deal with them for our own good. For our growth.

18 Signs That Prove You Are Becoming a Better Person Every Day!
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And if you have shown that you are in full growth, these 18 signs will prove to you that you are on the right track:

1 . You try to nip your problems in the bud instead of just putting a bandwidth on the symptoms.

2. You have learned that the best alternative is to apologize for your mistakes , even if it is challenging for you to do so.

3. You spend more time asking questions than talking about yourself.

4. You have avoided being around people who only put you down or who make you a toxic person.

5. You are constantly trying to be as conscious as possible , even if it means addressing things about yourself that you don't like or feel insecure about.

6. You always tell the truth to your partner or friend , even if it is the hardest thing to do.

7. You are polite to people, even when they do not deserve it.

8. You make a conscious effort to actively and clearly change the subject when people speak ill of someone.

9. You talk in people's faces when they annoy you, instead of just letting it go with the awareness that it may in the future have bad consequences.

10. You're not ashamed to ask for help when you need it.

11. You know when you really deserve something, but you also know that you are not entitled to anything you want.

12. You are open about acknowledging your shortcomings.

13. And you are willing to work on them every day.

14. You are not afraid to follow your intuitions because you have confidence in yourself.

15. You are much more demanding with your friendships today. You have not trusted anyone, because you know very well who can do you good and who would do you harm. This decision has made you totally immune to other people's falsehoods.

16. And you do the same with your romantic relationships.

17. You make a great effort to be a good friend , even when it's inconvenient or challenging.

18. You are no longer afraid of sadness, anxiety, uncertainty, depression, doubt, or insecurity. You do not try to avoid these things, nor do you suppress or hide them. You look in the face of your problem and even when you know you can't solve them yourself, you have enough humility to ask someone for help with it.

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