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17 Grocery And Clothing Stores That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019

I want to shop there!

This grocery store added adjustable cell phone holders to its carts — basically, a dream come true for everyone who keeps their shopping list on their phone.

17 Grocery And Clothing Stores That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019

This Swedish grocery store, on the other hand, has a map of the store attached to the cart handle.

This outdoor outfitter has a fake rock customers can climb to test out hiking shoes.

This grocery store has a robot (his name is Marty) that goes up and down the aisles looking for spills.

This grocery store prints double 👏 sided 👏 receipts 👏 to reduce waste.

And this store repurposes old gift cards into free guitar picks.

This grocery store sells discounted, overripe bananas in bags printed with recipes for how to use them.

This grocery store has a free chilling service that quickly refrigerates drinks you're planning to buy.

This clothing store figured out a clever way to let customers ditch their drink before shopping around.

The baby changing station at this grocery store has a fully-stocked diaper bag so that even the littlest of shoppers are taken care of.

This grocery store lets customers scan items as they go and then pay the total on their way out.

This supermarket in Italy has special carts for shoppers with four-legged friends.

Also in Italy, this sanitation-minded supermarket bathroom lets customers turn on the water with their knees.

The fitting rooms at this shirt store have Yes, No, and Maybe pegs so customers can easily sort the clothes they're trying on.

The benches outside this grocery store are made from 3,000 recycled plastic bags (yay for the environment!).

This German supermarket has special "parking spots" for dogs.

And finally, this Target has what should now be standard everywhere: a built-in charging station in the fitting room waiting area.

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