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13 Pictures About What Our Life Would Be Like Without Lies

In our day to day, it is quite common that we face situations that are most uncomfortable: stay a long time locked with your neighbor in the elevator and have nothing to talk about; to cross with a classmate from the school and to greet you in a very effusive way; we could spend hours and hours putting examples ... and, in fact, we will do it, only in a somewhat different way.

Here we show you a few awkward situations with a slight twist: what would happen if, in those situations, we were telling the truth; What we really think. GREAT teaches us with these 'great' illustrations

1 Why lie ...?

The truth is that, even if it is a trial, if there is such an obvious attraction ... it is difficult to endure (to say it, of course).

13 Pictures About What Our Life Would Be Like Without Lies
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2 Those Instagram photos so deep

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Usually, what they hide are things like a very nondescript life or the will to make our routine seem more exciting than it really is.

3 What are we going to fool ourselves for…

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The truth is that, in most interviews, what we have is to make it quite clear that what we need is money ... and little else; if it were for us, we would simply charge for being on the couch lying on the couch.

4 The truth behind advertising

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The truth is that miracle products do not exist and that, in the vast majority of cases, what is behind is an untold amount of hours of makeup and Photoshop.

5 No matter how many titles you have

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In the end, for many diplomas that you accumulate, you will most likely have to take a plane and go to Germany to work as a waiter.

6 Those awkward quotes we all want to avoid

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Throughout our lives, we have developed a lot of excuses for these types of situations ... but the truth is the truth; There is nothing to do there.

7 Abstract art

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The truth is that, with this type of art, most of us are quite baffled ... although, in general, we become experts (that of looking good is one thing that can).

8 Sales would no longer be the same

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When you lose the ability to deceive (or hide the truth) from your customers, you will most likely end up breaking your business.

9 The truth of the fights

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Sharing your life with someone can be complicated and, as much as there are discussions, if there is love, chances are that things will be fixed. Of course: the bad drink must be passed yes or yes. Remember that the scars do not mean that you are broken; It means that you have repaired.

10 scammers

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The truth is that there is little to add regarding these charlatans.

11 It has all happened to us

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That awkward moment when you realize that if you buy those shoes, you don't eat hot for the rest of the month.

12 Let's not fool ourselves

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Being able to play the Play, why would you want to start a horrible party ...

13 Is another motivation necessary?

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In what works, this type of thoughts are inevitable.

To you, what do you think about these situations? Have you felt identified with any? Leave us in the comments.

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