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10 Strange but true faces of our society which will break your heart

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Hello friends, we hope you all are enjoying your days as pages of a beautiful book called life. In talks or conversation we always criticize our society for being too orthodox, hippocratic, intolerant, conservative and abusive. But do we know what society is made of? Us. It is made up by us. Each and everyone of us combined in interpersonal relations form society.

Now each one of us thinks he or she is good but doesn't fit well in the society as it is bad. But remember- each one of us thinks like that. So we all should be good, then who is bad and why society is bad. Maybe only our perception about us is good but we all, more or less contribute to the evils of society, directly or indirectly. Let's take a look on such 15 strange but true faces of Indian society:

1- Parents spend more on daughter's wedding then on her education.

10 Strange but true faces of our society which will break your heart
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2- Seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe.

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3- We still spend money on screen guards for smartphones even with scratch proof Gorilla Glass but never bother about wearing helmets to protect our heads.

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4- In our society, we teach our daughters 'not to get raped' but don't teach our sons 'not to rape' maybe because nobody thinks that his or her son can do that.

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5- People who fight over Gita and Quran have probably never read them.

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6- We teach our children to not to talk to strangers and then we ask them to marry one.

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7- In our country politicians divide us, but terrorists unite us. Strange but true.

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8- Everyone is in hurry, but nobody reaches on time.

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9- Actors playing sports person in the film earns multiple times more than the actual sports person.

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10- A porn star is accepted in society as a celebrity, but a rape victim is not even accepted as a normal human being.

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Think friends! Think over this! Why all these things happen in our society? Who do these acts? We? or Others? Don't forget to comment on this. Also do tell us in the comments which fact disturbs you most about our society.

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Take good care of your health and your family.

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It is the reality of the Indian society

24 Days ago


5th and 10th are damn true

23 Days ago

jahan s

sad reality of today's society

24 Days ago

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