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10 Famous South Indian celebrities who are dead

Hey! What's up lovely people? Welcome to my Uc news channel 'Respect The Authoritah' where you can get all the entertaining related articles everyday. This article presents the list of famous South Indian celebrities who are dead.

#10. Raghuvaran

10 Famous South Indian celebrities  who are dead
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Radhakrishnan Velayudham Raghuvaran was an Indian actor who predominantly acted in movies made in South India. He has acted in more than 200 Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films. He died at the age of 49 years on 19th March, 2008.

#9. Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao

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Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, popularly known as Kondavalasa, was a Telugu stage and film actor who was a comedian in Tollywood. He died at the age of 69 years on 2nd November, 2015.

#8. Manivannan

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S. Manivannan Rajagopal, better known by his stage name Manivannan, was an Indian film actor, director and Tamil activist. He died on 15th June, 2013 at the age of 59.

#7. Aarthi Aggarwal

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Aarthi Aggarwal was an Indian-American actress who primarily worked in Telugu cinema, also known as Tollywood. She is the older sister of Aditi Agarwal, also an actress. She died very young at the age of 31 years on 6th June, 2015.

#6. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam

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Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam was an Indian comic actor and film director in Telugu language films. acting in over 870 movies. He died at the age of 53 years on 7th December, 2013.

#5. Cochin Haneefa

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Salim Ahmed Ghoush, better known by his stage name Cochin Haneefa, was an Indian film actor, director, and screenwriter. He started his career in the 1970s mainly portraying villainous roles, before going on to become one of the most popular comedians of Malayalam cinema. He died on 2nd February, 2010 at the age of 58 years.

#4. Ahuti Prasad

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Ahuti Prasad was an Indian character actor in the Telugu film industry. He was renowned for the wide variety of roles he played, including father-figure, comedian, and antagonist. Prasad appeared in over 150 films. He died at the age of 57 years on 4th January, 2015.

#3. M. S. Narayana

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M. S. Narayana was a popular and highly respected comedian in Telugu films. He died on 23 January 2015 due to multiple organ failure in Hyderabad.

#2. Srihari

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Raghumudri Srihari, also known as Srihari was an Indian actor who was active mainly in Telugu cinema and appeared in a few Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films as well. He died at the age of 49 years on 9th October, 2013.

#1. Uday Kiran

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Uday Kiran was a Filmfare Award winning Indian film actor, who primarily worked in the Telugu cinema. He died at the age of 33 years on 5th January, 2014.

Source: Wikipedia

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Cochin haneefa was a great actor.never forgot him.......

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'older sister" or 'elder sister' moron author, to earn respect, go learn english

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forget about kallu chidambharam

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