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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mike Appears To Foreshadow Michael’s Future With His Son

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mike Appears To Foreshadow Michael’s Future With His Son
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Mike's words to his grandson are actually true.

The General Hospital preview for Thursday’s episode reveals that Mike may just have made a prediction for his grandson’s future. Fans have been waiting for a while now to see Michael reunited with his son. He has no idea that Wiley is much more than his godson. Brad has been keeping the baby’s parentage a secret for months, but the time is getting closer for it all to blow up in his face.

On Thursday, Mike will be back on screen spending some time with Sonny. According to General Hospital spoilers from , the two men will bond over family. The preview shows that Michael will also be joining them. Mike’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse, but he still has many good moments as well. But can he predict the future?

Mike appears to be excited about Michael becoming a father, as seen in the clip. His grandson looks a little confused about that. He will most likely realize that Mike is going back in time in his mind remembering when Michael was facing fatherhood when Nelle was pregnant with his child. Sonny will likely smooth things over by either letting him know that the baby is gone or by changing the subject quickly.

Mike’s mind gets confused much more frequently these days, but what he mentions is actually the truth. Michael’s baby is not dead, and he will soon find out about the baby switch between Brad and Nelle. It does appear that maybe way back in Mike’s mind, he knows something.

More General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show tease that Michael will underestimate a situation, but there are no details on what that may be. Do Mike’s words put a question into his head about his son?

One scenario is that Willow, who still believes that Wiley is her child, will tell Michael about Brad’s heavy involvement with Dawn of Day. Michael knows all about what happens there by Kristina’s involvement and Willow’s first-hand account of her time with Shiloh. If he knows that his godson is in danger with the cult, he will freak. It’s possible that he will talk to Lucas and explain that he needs to get Brad away from Dawn of Day quickly before something bad happens.

These small bits and pieces, including Mike’s words to Michael about him becoming a father, are all part of the puzzle that will come together soon. The Wiley reveal could happen during May sweeps, so keep watching General Hospital to see if what Mike says will come true for Michael.

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