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‘A lot of critical work happens here in Hyderabad’

‘A lot of critical work happens here in Hyderabad’
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HYDERABAD: Today, the app-based cab aggregator is an integral part of our lives. It is no exaggeration to say that Uber is slowly but surely transforming the way we commute. And Komal Mangtani, the India-born executive of Business Intelligence at Uber, has her hands full in driving change and innovation. Interestingly, Hyderabad is one of the core pillars at Uber, she says.

“We are a fast-paced team. You decide a solution, and let your users try it out. And after six months, if it cannot scale as expected, you re-design the product and re-launch it. The role I currently handle includes managing payments, financial fraud detection, revenue economics, insurance, etc.,” she informs.Komal Mangtani and Megha Yethadka, Program Management director at Uber Hyderabad share their inputs on a range of questions during a meet held at Uber Technologies, HITEC City recently. Excerpts:

On joining Uber
Komal Mangtani (KM): It is the company’s ability to change lives. It is not just a company or an industry, it is a movement.Megha Yethadka (MY): I joined the firm in my third trimester. It is an equal opportunity player. The people and its culture is unparalleled when compared to other technology brands.

Benefits of diversity
KM: A diverse workforce creates a competitive edge for a company. There is an additional cognitive ability to view things from various dimensions.
The empathy and the different way of thinking shows in your products when you embrace diversity.

On risk-taking skills of women
MY: There is a general perception in our society that women take less risks. That is not the case. Women can take risks as much as men do.

Uber’s role in India
KM: The company provides ease of service to customers. More importantly, our engineers in Hyderabad contribute to technical innovation that is then implemented across other markets in the world. Hyderabad is one of our critical sites.
MY: We have given lots of opportunities for our driver partners. Also, the company has made it convenient for people to book their transportation. Uber Pool helps in reducing congestion on roads and the carbon footprint.

Navigating hurdles
KM: If anyone thinks that success is a linear growth model, they are highly delusional. My experience says that there are lots of deviations along the path. You learn from your failures. In the end, all that matters is the indomitable spirit of not giving up.

MY: The biggest hurdle is yourself. Once you set your heart and mind onto something, there would be no looking back. Openness to feedback is crucial.

Message for youth
KM: Whenever you try to do something different, there may be a lot of obstacles. Do not let the world define you. You define yourself.
MY: Believe in yourself. What truly matters is collaboration, empathy, understanding, and the ability to see through things in a way that machines cannot.

Hiring plans
KM: A lot of important work gets done in Hyderabad. We are now expanding to include payments, fraud detection techniques, etc. Hyderabadis are a dedicated lot, and they possess technical talent in abundance. We will more than double our existing team in the coming months, with a focus on hiring women in leadership roles.


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